really bad parenting advice

Really Bad Parenting Advice – Why Cheesy Dad Tips Suck For Dads

If you’re a parent or even about to be a parent no doubt you’ve been on the receiving end of some really bad parenting advice. In fairness, most parenting advice is innocent enough when it comes from your own parents, friends who have kids, or co-workers. But parenting advice you get from random blog […]

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i can't finish my work

I Can’t Finish My Work – Man Up… Suck It Up… Get To Work!

Do you find yourself saying, “I can’t finish my work.”  It could be proper work for your job or business. It could be work you’re doing for your wife or kids. If you’re leaving tasks undone, unfinished, and you can’t get ahead. Here’s a quick dose of reality to get you moving in the […]

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Getting Back On Track When You’ve Lost Your Way In 2015

Can you believe that we’re already in March? It seems like just yesterday we were rining in the New Year. They say most New Years resolutions are toast by about the middle of January but we have to ask… how is your 2015 going so far? Are you working towards and reaching your goals? […]

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Focus Goals and The Lost Art Of Saying No

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about goals, time management, or just getting things done, one of the most powerful words we can employ is no. Focus lives on no. There’s a catch though. We can’t say no until we’ve said yes to the right things. So straight and focused priorities are the bedrocks […]

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take action

Take Some Freaking Action

We’re not messing around on this Friday message. You’re a better husband, dad, and professional when you take action and lots of it. Greatness IS NOT found spending forever researching things, thinking about it, and stalling. This episode we get clear and get moving.

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you were born an original don't die a copy

You Were Born An Original… Don’t Die A Copy

I remember the first time I heard the expression… You Were Born An Original… Don’t Die A Copy I thought, ouch, that’s so true. I couldn’t help but wonder why in the world do we do that? Why do we take the precious gift of life and spend most of it not being ourselves? […]

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Are You Running From Fear Or Running Towards Your Dreams?

I haven’t met many people that get excited to admit they are afraid of something. Look, we’re all afraid of something but the real question are you making major decisions in your life based on fear? Or, are you making decisions in your life based on what you really want? This episode we take […]

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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

I heard it said a couple of years ago that how you do anything is how you do everything. Do you think that’s true? This episode we’re talking about it along with the power of making your bed and putting the toilet seat down:)  

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When People Say Nasty Things [2 Ways To Respond When They Sink Their Fangs Into You]

Live long enough and it’s bound to happen. Someone, someone even close, will say something nasty about you. It’s not fun. It can hurt and really tangle you up if you’re not careful. So what is the right way to respond when someone says something nasty about you? In this episode of The Better […]

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Get Excited About Something! How Excitement Makes You A Better Husband and Dad

In this episode we talk about the benefits of excitement and enthusiam. They are two powerful elements in being a better husband, dad, and professional. What’s great is we have the best teachers in the world to show us how… our kids! Check out this episode.  

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how to be a better husband

Designing A Great Soundtrack For Life

Back in 2012 when we first started the The Better Guy Show and the website one of our first episodes was about friendships. The great Jim Rohn was fond of saying, You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. There is tremendous truth in that. It doesn’t matter […]

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